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I started working in public libraries a longer and longer time ago (how did that happen?) as a Circulation Clerk and then went on to be a storyteller and puppeteer. My Masters took me to research jobs for corporate libraries but now I'm back working with kids again. It's so much more fun and the opportunities to learn and be creative are boundless!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thing #23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only slept 3 hours last night and save taking my daughter to the orthodontist today and fixing lunch & dinner, I've been attached to this computer and I've FINISHED. Accomplishing this program has given me just the burst of energy I need for returning to work this week.

Per your questions:
1. My favorite exercises were those involving mashups, of course! They are the most fun. However, I am so excited about social bookmarking and searchrolls and have been adding bookmarks to my Diigo (formerly Furl) bookmark all day!
2. My participation in this program has catapulted forward my professional development and personal learning. My knowledge of technology applications is now current and I have learned so much about how to continue learning more on my own as I develop my own "circle of the wise". Most importantly, I have the energy and the confidence to continue forward on my own, though with so many experts a click away.
3. Several surprises came to me through this program: I now can understand how people get addicted to their laptops and their social networking sites. Before this program I pooh-poohed developing professional and academic relationships online. I also actually appreciate RSS feeds now. As a minimalist in many areas of my life, I often feel that people just jump on band wagons just to jump on. Participation in this program has allowed me to wrap my brain around the mind-boggling wealth of tools available and appreciate that some I can use and some don't interest me all that much (I really don't see myself as a life-time blogger, for example, though I will read and participate on blogs.)
4. I absolutely LOVED your format and the variety of readings and multimedia you included to instruct. If there were anything that I might ask you to add it would be an inclusion of some kind of discussion about the security of using a lot of the free tools and dangers from viruses or spyware. I would also ask if we might have more discovery units using music files. And, possibly, a few notes about copyright issues?
5. Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to participate in any program you do next! Pick me, pick me!
6. Being verbose, I cannot just use one word but a sentence will do to describe and promote the 23 Things learning activities: "The Library2Play program is THE MODEL for the way to provide efficient, comprehensive and effective professional development in the 21st century, with immediate results."

Thing #22

It is interesting to note in the article that Nings are the social networking sites of choice for educators, over others like MySpace and Facebook. The idea that students in higher education might want to use these as more of their professional/academic type of relationships is a good one. We might as well go ahead and let our younger ones see the difference and some of the implications that a public presence on MySpace or Facebook could have. Meanwhile, however, the greatest use of a Ning for my purposes would be for our professional groups. Our private school librarians and our parochial school librarians at the local level could communicate this way and share ideas.